Mr. Brown’s daughter __________ six years old.
Carol __________ blonde hair.
I am interested __________ video games.
Peter loves __________ the piano.
I’ve been here __________ 8 o’clock.
Yesterday, it __________ very windy.
How __________ is it from here to your home?
She __________ travel a lot but she doesn’t anymore.
They haven’t decided __________ to go by car or by train.
It’s   __________ car to mine.
If I __________ taller, I __________ be a model.
You __________ park your car there.
Do you know __________ to Mary’s house?
Please, remember __________ the letter.
They arrived on a Saturday __________ I can remember.
You __________ the way and I will follow you.
Do not exceed the stated __________.
It was an ___________ easy victory for me.
Hiking is __________ activity.
I see John __________ and again.

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