I met Alan back in 1987, we used to go together to class. He used to take me in his car over and back from the airport twice a week. We studied together but it wasn’t ordinary school… among our subjects were: principles of flight, air navigation, air law and meteorology. I had to give it up, but he kept going… His mind was set. He wanted to become a pilot. And he did indeed… He will send us some pictures every now and then. Here are his first ones commented:


Cruising at 40,000 feet off the west coast of Canada, heading for Anchorage, Alaska. It’s after 10pm & the further we flew, the brighter it became. It got dark quickly as we descended to land.


By Alan Hicks


On climbout from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic last summer, massive storm off our right, as you can see out the windows & on radar screen.