Hello!  My name is Maeve and I live in Sligo.  It is a town in the Northwest of Ireland.  I look forward to posting on www.idoialeonardo.com regularly.  I have visited the North of Spain several times to visit your wonderful tutor, Idoia Leonardo.  I think the people in Ireland and the people in Northern Spain are similar in a number of ways.  We are laid back (relaxed) and we like to talk to each other – lots!  What do you think?

It will be fun telling you a little about my life in Sligo.  Perhaps you will learn some English and come to Sligo some day to demonstrate your skills.

Life is quiet around the world these days, with many countries on lockdown.  I believe everybody is missing seeing their friends.  I can travel up to 5km from my home at the moment, so I promise to take some photographs within 5km radius,  and post them here.   Remember: be kind, stay safe and I’ll be back soon!

Maeve McCormack